Horror night of illusions |The Street Of Langa- short horror story

Hi2 680x340 - Horror night of illusions |The Street Of Langa- short horror story

Horror night of illusions | The Street Of Langa, short horror story

 I Reminisce About My  horror Night:

Standing here again, near the rail station, I can mentally picture my past experience, the horror and the fear. In fact, here is reminiscent of my ordeal last year when I was hunting for an apartment with a tranquil environment because my sanity was being heavily disturbed by the (city hurly burly) noisy life of the town. Therefore,  I desperately hungered for some peace and calmness.

Recollecting Earlier that year, I had searched through many estate brochures, in the town, for an ideal place that would satiate my desire for this, all to no avail.

My mind was heavy, I hardly slept at night courtesy of a round-the clock liquor bar that was within a close location to my residence. The bass from their PA system was sure to give one Alzheimer disease overnight, the people’s jubilant shouts  and the jazz beats that rent the air; this was more during the day, one needed not be told how it felt here.

Mr John Let me in an Apartment in Panville:

However, I was relentless in my hunt for tranquility and that led me to meeting Mr John. John was an estate agent with a reputable track record and so I trusted him to immerse me in my longing of serenity.  John brought me to PanVille Estate (that’s what we’re going to call the place) the neighborhood was a beauty to behold and the cost was affordable.

And  I wasted no time in starting up the paperwork and finally, I bought a house in PanVille. I had beautiful neighbors and everything was in harmony. I enjoyed my moments of peace and everything was as I always hungered for and now I’m filled.

Horror night of illusions | The Street Of Langa, short horror story

The horror night came: 

Until one night,  I closed late from work around 12:04AM and couldn’t get a cab going towards PanVille so a tricycle  stopped me at the estate gate. I noticed the gate was wide open, the security post was empty in a strange manner, but I assumed the security officers must have gone to pee or something; then I ushered myself in.

As I walked through the streets of PanVille, everything seemed different. All I could hear was dead silence, every house had its lights off, the streets were empty, no cars in sight. ‘‘Did something happen earlier in day?’’ I thought to myself.  PanVille was like a ghost town with the sound of the wind serenading the atmosphere.

I got into my building, my lights were on . That was strange cuz I could vividly remember turning them off before I left in the morning. When I had entered, got to my room and discovered that my bed was neatly dressed. “Okay, what’s happening? Was there a break-in? Even if there was, the thief won’t be so concerned with my welfare to have dressed my bed,” I began to dialogue with myself.

When I went into the bathroom, took a hot bath and went downstairs to do the dishes in my kitchen so I could microwave my dinner and eat. I felt chills down my spine, and I quickly got into the kitchen and the dishes were already done. “This isn’t a joke anymore, what is happening?”

Suddenly, I heard sounds from my backyard. I armed myself and tiptoed to the direction of the sound. I got to the backyard and found a man standing in my yard just staring at me with malicious intent. I couldn’t spot his face because he was a little in between under a shade, I could only make out his eyes thanks to the moonlight. I made forward to ask: “who are you?” and next I knew, he’s gone. Vanished. Scared to death, I ran to my neighbors and knocked till I discovered the houses were all empty with voices inside. I was confused, adrenaline pumping, I started racing towards the estate gate like a man being chased by a coalition of cheetahs. The closer I got to the estate gate, the farther it distanced itself. The voices behind me increased, death was just at the fingertip away.

   I woke up in Hospital and it was all illusions: short horror story

When I eventually got sucked into the illusion, everywhere was pitch black, just an empty void.  The next thing I knew was, I woke up in a hospital bed, my friend Cee was beside me. I asked him what happened, he said I’ve been in coma for 3 weeks that they found me lying lifeless along Osiom.

Sitting there with him, he asked me, “what were you doing there?” then, I began to narrate my ordeal, and to my shocking realization, Cee told me PanVille doesn’t exist. I called it bluff and checked it for myself on the internet and it turned out that PanVille Estate isn’t in existence anywhere in Langa . And Mr John the estate agent, who led me to PanVille doesn’t work with the agency I met him in either. It was all an illusion.


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