The Mosquito and The Ear

Mosquito and the ear

The Mosquito and the ear, African short story For kids

‘‘Grandma! Grandma! tell us a story, the children all echoed.’’

‘‘Which story,’’ asked their grandma’ ‘‘shall I tell you, children?’’

‘‘Tell us the story of the mosquito and the ear, ’’  okafor suggested.

‘‘Yes! yes! The mosquito and the ear,’’ the children all agreed.

‘‘Alright children, I shall tell you the story of the mosquito and the ear.’’

‘‘Once upon a time,’’ the Grandma began ‘‘The mosquito and the ear were very good friends. they lived together in the forest and shared everything in common.’’ ‘‘The ear had a very beautiful daughter called Nomiwa.  Nomiwa was so beautiful that the mosquito wanted to marry her.’’

The Mosquito Went To Marry The daughter Of  The Ear, African short story for kids online

‘‘So, one day he went to the ear and said: ‘‘Ear my very good friend, I want to marry your daughter.’’ ‘‘The ear looked at him and laughed. He laughed and laughed and laughed that tears started coming out of his eyes. Therefore, he said to the mosquito: ‘‘Mosquito my friend, you can’t marry my daughter, you are too tiny and soon you will die.’’

‘‘He started laughing again. He so laughed and laughed and laughed that the Mosquito got angry and went home. From that day, the Mosquito resolved to always sing whenever he is passing the ear’s house to tell the ear that he is still alive and the ear will always clap for him for daring to marry his daughter.’’

Moral of the Story:

The short story about the animal kingdoms, the mosquito and the ear teaches us/ every  child to never belittle anyone in life and always attempt to do great things.

Author: Bluemagic