Rannie And The Lion

Short story about Rannie and the lion

Short story,  ‘Rannie And The Lion

Before the lion attacked, as Rannie  tried to Climb down the quaver tree, Josta had already taken to her heels. A chill of fear that gripped her soul. It never occurred to her that day, that she was going to be that afraid, before this happened.

The jungle was always full of terrifying incidents, although Rannie was never given to fear. He fought like spirits, won like gods and loved like humans.

His hair tall and jet-black , his muscles strong and powerful like the Hebrew conqueror of Philistines, Josta was his strength and he was her hero.

Rannie would go into the dept of the scary jungle, open the mouth of lions and grapple with the dragon’s tail to find Josta a wish. He would say to her, ‘‘ Josta my dream, my heart and my joy, wish for the Eagle’s eyes and I shall give it. ‘‘Ask for my life in return for your love, the gods will take it and you shall my own be, our souls immortal in love live.’’

Josta staring squarely between eyes, would say: ‘‘Oh, my love I wish I never wake from this dreams your charms have cast upon my snoring soul, for every moment we are together that is a borrowed eternity.   More More Stories like this here or continue

The Jungle Lion Seeks to kill Rannie, while he sang Josta a song

The jungle had been filled with the scream of roaring lions (as the first lion had attracted other lions by it roar), everywhere had turned cold with their deadly breath of furry and maul; this was death staring at Rannie in the eyes.

He could fight but may not win the lion, or will be killed if Josta, his love, was not near. She was the only one he needed to see before the lions would eat him up as he was going to land from the tree.    ‘‘Where has my love gone,’’ he thought on the quaver tree.  ‘’Who will bring me Josta. With Josta, my love I will defeat these lions.’’

Then looking for Josta as she had gone far in the forest, to where she had run to hide from the jungle lions, he began to sing, to her, one of their ideal songs:
‘‘Josta my love, wish for anything I will give, our dreams sealed

The eagle’s eyes your wish anytime, I will give, our love proved

Wish for my life and my soul now my love, I will give, dreams, dreams

Upon your favorite guava, its tree my love I hang still but with thoughts,

Now, my wish, my love, watch me I will kill this lions, or die our dreams

Though brave and scheming, Rannie remained restraint and unmoved waiting for his love but with these songs solely like an ancient spell of genie broke into the air, spreading through the trees to find Josta in jungle, and came to where she was hiding. And immediately, she was enlightened as she heard the song. It was magical, and quickly with bravery she sang along Rannie and came to where he was surrendered by the lions.

At the touch of such love, Fear had disappeared from Josta. The lions surprised at the tuneful song of the magical love they heard the two lovers sing, were enchanted, became harmless to her.

Rannie Won The Lion With The strength of His Love For Josta

Rannie although now more brave and fearless to fight outrageously, yet tactically but with their song of love, he lured one of them to the guava tree. The furious female ones, he had each of their five heads quickly ripped off with his razor-edged digger, and they flew to the ground, and the rest of the lions dispatched with force into escape.

This was a victory won by love. Somehow Rannie would not have won, somehow he would have run and die, somehow he would have not run and die; and somehow he would have not die and run but his love will die. Josta’s last wish was for Rannie to live. So, she chose to sing the song that brought him victory rather than hide away.

That’s the end of Rannie and Josta’s Story. Also find more short stories here

Morale of the story: 

True love knows no fear, and two genuine lovers will always find favour before everything, animal, nature and fire _ they will never be scourged and always make it through together.

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