Aninkwo the Great Hunter

Aninkwo The Great Hunter

which story shall I tell today? the old man began. Tell us the story of the wise old hare, suggested Obieze. No, the story of the hunter and his son countered Ezinne. yes! yes! the story of the hunter and his son, the children chorused. Alright children, I shall tell you the story of the hunter and his son, the old man replied, as he smiled at the little children sitting at his feet.

Once upon a time, the old man began. In the little village of Umuleri, there lived a great hunter called Aninkwo. Aninkwo was known througout the seven villages for his great hunting exploits that he became the envy of many hunters of his clan. He could hunt large antelopes, lions and even buffalos. Aninkwo knew every track and trails of wild animals and could set traps that brought him easy games. So this made Aninkwo famous in his village and even beyond.
Aninkwo had a son called Nwoye. Nwoye was the child of his old age because his mother Ojiugo had almost stopped giving birth before Nwoye came. So Aninkwo loved Nwoye so much. He often took him on his hunting expeditions deep into the forest and soon, Nwoye was learning the ropes of his father’s trade. But he was a disobedient child.

One day, Aninkwo told Nwoye to stay at home while he goes to hunt alone, but Nwoye being a disobedient child, did not listen to his father. A soon as Aninkwo went far into the forest, Nwoye sneaked out and followed him. But he did not know that his father had gone to a different part of the forest . He thought it was the part his father normally went. So he followed the trail that led to that part. He walked and walked and walked but he did not see his father. Soon, he was lost in the middle of the forest. Nwoye did not know how to go back home, for he has lost his way and nightfall was approaching. When Aninkwo returned, he started looking for Nwoye but he did not know that Nwaoye had followed him to the forest. He searched and searched and searched but He did not see Nwoye. Night became day, days became weeks, weeks became months and months became years Nwoye was never found. He was eaten by wild animals in the forest and he never returned. That is the end of my story, smiled the old man. Good night children, as he rolled up his mat to go and the children all went to sleep.

Moral of the Story: Children should always obey their parents.

Written by Chibuzor Stephen

Author: Bluemagic

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