Mazi Ogadi, the alcoholic

Mazi Ogadi, the alcoholic

Journey of the untimely departed, it had transpired again in Henry town as the light of day began to unfold like a rolled curtain, that Ogadi, the cabdriver picked up his new passenger along the highway_ a slender, attractive looking lady dressed in a snow-white apparel.

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    She might have been a nurse who worked the nights and was going home the next day to be with her family _ the growing kids that she left home for the office, or she would be someone else who was just on her way to a personal business.

Mazi Ogadi, however, as a public driver would neither know the names nor the faces of all that got on his taxi each day, although, he was always  inebriated even while driving every day on the highway of the city.  Luckily for him, this morning the police might not be on the road today to test his breath.

However, many a time he had been breathalyzed by the police. And some times he would lie his way out, telling them that it had seemed quite obvious to him since lately that his whole body system was naturally made to give off the smell of alcohol; because there was never a day that the test would not reveal that there was excess alcohol in his blood.

Perhaps, this morning again he had drunken a lot as he always would, With his eyes rolling constantly in his head  _  and his jaw dropped down out of its place like a loosed cargo by the Sea side as he drove to where the lady alighted.

And it was very early in the morning. At such a time that one could barely see clearly an object in the distance, save for their own toes.    “Good morning, good morning,  Ogadi, the cabdriver humbly greeted the passenger as she climbed down the vehicle.”  Hush! Silence, hush! Silence, she uttered not a word to him.  This Perhaps, was because he was a stranger to her. And her identity, on his own part unknown and there, meanwhile, was no saying who she was, besides,  it was a public transport service and there was no need for much relation.

But it was really a bit of  worry for for Mazi Ogadi, as he strove to know exactly what had made her to remain silent in spite of the manner in which he greeted; such that would usually provoke a shy response from a lady like herself when first greeted in the morning by an elder, according to the African culture.

 Nonetheless, it all would have been more easier for him to solve this puzzle if only he could see beyond the physical stature of the one who got off his taxi this early morning, without having to have thrown  himself entirely into being distraught about her seeming discourtesy.

  Meanwhile, mazi Ogadi continued thinking about this as he held the steering. “I wonder! It’s becoming typical of children of nowadays to be rudely dismissive and downright snobbish even to their elders”, he imagined in utter surprise, “no, hell no! This was not the way we were  raised in our teen. Moreover, even at this age I can still hear the very voice of my mother ringing persuasively in my head.  Saying son, “Respect  your elders and never push them down because you simply can. Never call them ugly or dirty because you are young; for no matter how much stronger you may feel now, how handsome you may look and how much neat you may be, only but age will tell.”

Repeatedly pondering over this deportment of hers, Mazi Ogadi said. “It’s a big shame how she said not a word to me _ and I have greeted her, anyway.  Now, at the same time after a few seconds that he had decided to drive away as the direction to his destination was going to spin headlong towards the front from the spot that he had dropped her off.

Immediately, it struck his mind like a flash of light to look which part of the road she was headed. Then, all of a sudden, he could see her  no more. Which way she was gone just in the twinkle of an eye, he had not the idea _ and seeing this all alone on that lonely road his heart started thumping at Sixty degrees. “Ghost! No,  I don’t think,” he doubted and questioned within himself, “I have seen a ghost… like a real ghost not the one in the stories my mom used to tell me when I was little.” He constantly wiped off his face over and over again in total confusion.

And with goosebumps covering all over his reddened skin by fear of what the lady’s  ghost might do to him. He then without a dialogue veered off his original direction, and making as if to drive home before the ghost appeared again to him in full personality. This time, it  was scary. Her eyes very dark, her head spinning constantly round and her voice sounding deeply hollow, as she spoke to him in anger

“Why are you afraid, She asked him,  “Or don’t you remember  I am that lady you ran over five years ago on this road with this same vehicle?”  You hit me and I fainted, yet all you did was to speed up,  to abandon me while I bled to death that night _ running away without looking back at the soul you knocked down. “Do you still wanna run away? she questioned him more angrily.”

Mazi Ogadi could feel it through her voice, how sad she deeply was, to have died accidentally on that road all because of his silly drunkenness. “Well, you can run”, she continued, “but you always will have to come back to face what you ran away from.”     Look at me, though I am dead, yet upon this long road my soul wander day and night mourning my lost mortality”, she yelled at him, disappearing with fierce shout of pain.

In fact, mazi Ogadi all this time had already fainted. His whole body was covered in cold sweat and his  trousers in pee of quivering tension…  like one trapped in a rabbit hole until he could no longer feel the environs of his existence.

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Therefore, throughout that day he slept unconscious in his vehicle until the full light of day, that the police came and revived him to consciousness. Trying, however, to investigate what had happened to him, they went into details and discovered that he was an alcoholic with a medical report of various signs and symptoms of alcoholism, such as anxiety, compulsive behavior, lack of restraining etc.

Maybe he initially had refused to give up information on the incident that had lead to the reason why he blacked out in the middle of the highway of Henry town earlier that morning. Meanwhile, he also might have been greatly afraid inside of himself not to keep silent lest the ghost of his once appeared victim visit him this time with a severe punishment of death for his crime.

But after a thorough investigation and interrogation with the police, he confessed even to the death of (His victim) the lady he had killed five years ago with his vehicle. Also, revealing that it was because he was drunk  and could no longer control his break and steering, as he was driving at full pelt on the highway that night.

Then, with the police having heard his true confession to this crime. Immediately he was taken to court and prosecuted with the following charges _  and subsequently sentenced to twelve years imprisonment, up fo parole in seven.

While leaving the courtroom that day after his case had been decided by the judge. He turned to all that were present with him throughout the whole proceedings and said, this is a word from the wise that I never believed all my life to be true until now.  Here it reads,  “You can’t  escape justice, no matter how much smartly you may try to pull yourself out of its impartial net.  At first you may seem to have conquered, yet in the end it always will overrule all your evasive ruse of escape… tearing open even your snail like shell of defense against judgement _ and you must be caught up with justice.”  That time everywhere was quiet, many eyes bathed in tears as he was been taken away in prison chains.

Mazi Ogadi, the cabdriver now serving time at Nono’s penitentiary, everyone would begin to learn to take responsibility for their actions, for that may be the only way all could contribute wholly to making  a huge difference in the society.


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